Nick Farr began his musical journey at the age of five with classical piano training.  He has always been intrigued with all types of music, especially jazz and contemporary instrumental.  Today, he has found a genre of musical writing in which he is most comfortable—a unique style of composition built around piano yet focused on memorable melodies and harmonies built with strings, horns and percussion.

As a published writer of prose and poetry, he has had numerous short stories published in both regional and national magazines.  He has written several books for children, a fictional novel and penned hundreds of poems.  His interests, besides those of the arts, involve outdoor sporting and spending time on his farm.

Nick's musical accomplishments have been well documented through trade magazines such as New Age Reporter, New Age Voice and ZMR.  In these periodicals and websites, his nine recordings have charted in Top 20s and Top 100 lists for radio airplay worldwide for years.  

Nick's latest recording, Between Then and Now is now available.  This innovative collection of songs is currently moving up the charts and is delighting listeners worldwide.  Nick's eighth album, Of Time and Place: Passages for Piano was released in 2014 and ranked in the top 40 on the Top 100 Airwaves Chart for five months.  A View from Within gained large listener raves and charted in the Top 10 for two months when it debuted.  The Ever Present Now ranked #1 in January 2009 and #2 for February on the Top 100 Airwaves Chart.   His 5th cd Keep Moving ranked #3 on the NAR Top 100 for July 2004 and also ranked #20 on the NAV Top 100 Airplay Chart for 2004.  His cd Farther debuted on the Top 100 at #3 for October 2000, moved up to the prestigious #1 position for November and held on to the #5 spot for December.  The last solo pianist to hit the #1 spot was nearly two years prior.  Consequently, the recording stayed in the Top 40 for six months. 

As Riverboy Records and Winter Water Publishing continue to strive to bring you quality recordings of contemporary instrumental and light jazz music, we look forward to hearing from you. 

Nominated for Best Neo-Classical Album ZMR Awards


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Nick Farr