This, I think, is your best CD with such passion and full of emotion.   I so enjoyed the opening selection, "As Once it Was", then was moved by "The River Winds On" (my favorite), into "Marina's Lullaby", "The Home Stretch" and "Water's Edge".    Just absolutely flawless piano, flute and those times of moving percussion and cello.  From 1996, Winterbourne to today's, Of Time and Place:  Passages for Piano, you have given my listeners such an array of arrangements, enriching their imagination with every note.

Compelling, a breath of fresh air--fabulous CD.  Marie - Music Beyond Words

 Got it, love it, spinning it tomorrow!!  More than once!  Michael - WFCF - Wings

Received the new album Of Time and Place: Passages for Piano and currently enjoying listening to it while we're adding it to our databases for airplay.  Steven - OneWorldMusic 

Love the cd!  Jamey - KTEP - Audiosyncracies 

Very good indeed!  Peter - MAXFM

I enjoyed the album very much!  John - CKUW - Shades of Classics 

On A View From Within.  I have to say that I absolutely love the new work! I've aired three or so tracks from it and I really enjoy the breadth of the songs on this one. Jamey -KTEP - Audiosyncracies.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Nick for a few years.  Each time I receive a new CD I just sit and listen.  I don't read, I don't get on the phone, I just sit and listen.  He captivates you, he brings you inside the instrument so each note is as if you were playing.  Marie - Music Beyond Words, Internet Radio.

(A View from Within) is a very good album from Nick.  I will rate it well. . . and will be adding tracks from it on my program.  John - CKUW - Shades of Classics.

Just received the copy of The Ever Present Now you so kindly sent me. Thank you very much! am going to add it for airplay on La Otra Orilla Show and sharing your music with my audience from next Monday on.   Francisco M. López Herrero - La Otra Orilla, Spain

It's fantastic to have you back in the music mix again. I love the new CD, The Ever Present Now. Got a great sound and you can hear the excellent engineering! Kudos. You know I'm going to be playing it a LOT.  Jamey Osbourne – KTEP El Paso, TX

Keep Moving is another outstanding release!  The tracks on Keep Moving are beautifully arranged yet they still have that distinctive "Nick Farr" style.  I love the varied instrumentation on the different releases and I think Keep Moving is the best of all of them in that regard. 

 Congratulations on another fine recording!  Keep Moving did just that.  I enjoyed your pieces, especially #6 - Lowcountry Boil,and#7-OnceinaGreatWhile. 
Rick O'Dell - WNUA 95.5 Chicago

We are delighted at your ratings - your album is sensational!    
Kitty & Creek –Iridium Radio  New York, NY

 Keep Moving was a pleasure for me to play and continue to play.  
Tyra - WFWM   Frostburg, MD

Farther is terrific—your best release yet. . . "Summer Storm" is especially electrifying.  And “Banjo Baby” was a stroke of genius.  I found the whole CD compelling.   Rick O'Dell - WNUA Chicago

CONGRATULATIONS on your success!!! You really deserved this, and your music is being very appreciated all over the world including Romania!!  Your fan, Sergiu - Radio Arad – “Ambiental Universe”

Farther very much deserves to be at # 1. You are a very talented pianist with a sense of caring and humor as shown in your CD titles and in your compositions. I consider your music as a breath of fresh air during my sometimes too techno sounding programs. New Age... I'm not certain that this really classifies your sound, but I would be at a severe loss without music such as yours… Thanks for the moving music.  Flying Man - WAWL Chattanooga, TN

I've always loved solo piano and Nick Farr’s interpretations are clean and diverse without being stereotypical or formulaic.   I'm really impressed with the instrumentation and arrangements on Farther--they really add to the piano…Based on the two CDs of Nick’s that I've heard, I am impressed by the breadth of the arrangements and stylings that I've heard on Farther and Fahrenheit.  When considering strictly solo piano, I'd describe him as in the category of David Lanz and Liz Story (both big, in my book), but on Farther, he’s taken it to another level that is unmatched in my experience.  Jamey Osbourne - KTEP El Paso, TX

I'll be featuring Nick Farr's Farther on this week's program.  It’s great.  I was under a bit of stress to put this program together and had only one evening to do so.  When I popped  this CD in the player and started to listen, it was instant release.  By the time the CD had ended and I had picked the tracks I wanted to feature, I felt so much better.  I'll be using tracks #1, #5, #6, #8 and #9.  Thanks so much for the music.  I'll be looking forward to anything you record in the future.  Louise - WUOT  “New Morning Music”

 Really great!   There is life in the music.  They don't just play.  There's movement and feeling all through each track.   Dave Butler- WRNB – “InnerVisions” Berea, KY

I love the new Nick Farr release Farther!   Karen Rakos - KEUL Glacier City Radio  Girdwood, AK

Wonderful disc . . . it will begin airing on the show in November.  BEAR - WWSP - "New Age Sampler"

You make wonderful music!! I will place you on a high place in this month poll.   Tim van Veen - SLOR - "Soon. . .Comes the Night" - The Netherlands

Nominated for Best Neo-Classical Album ZMR Awards


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